Over coffee and tarts at the Little Tart and Octane Café in Grant Park, I met fellow Food Warrior Brittni Collins. Donning neat white specs and a fuzzy navy scarf, I instantly knew Brittni was a cool chick. As of last fall, Brittni is a recent graduate of Emory University with a degree in Economics and a minor in Sustainability. Born and raised in Atlanta, Brittni currently resides in Midtown near Atlantic Station.

Brittni is a woman of many interests. Over the next few years, Brittni is considering law school or getting a degree in arts administration. It is clear that when she finds a passion, she follows it.  Whether it be a full-time marketing position, interning at the CDC or law, Brittni finds a ways to put her efforts towards what she believes in.

And right now, that’s food. Brittni expressed, quite passionately, how excited she is about interning for Real Time Farms. Food, she believes, is so important in our everyday lives and to the American culture as a whole, that we have a right to know where our food is coming from.  “Not to get political” she warns, (but to get political) Brittni approaches it from the angle of Food Justice, stating that it is pretty much an atrocity that so much disease and illness can be caused by precisely what we are putting into our bodies. “Why not care?” she asks.

Prompted by her studies in Sustainability, Brittni took an academic interest in food. Looking at the “Triple Bottom Line”, nutrition is so intertwined with economics and social aspects and trends of society. A fan of John Robbins writing in Food Revolution, Brittni adds that by expanding the education and awareness of sustainable practices and nutrition, food trends can reach more communities and not be regarded as such a privileged industry and lifestyle.

Brittni spent some time in London actually studying Comparative Health. She smiles widely at how wonderful of a city London is, and just how interesting it was to be studying this topic from a European perspective while many related debates and reforms were going on in the United States.

Interning for Real Time Farms, in addition to augmenting her philosophical and academic interests, Brittni expresses a real excitement for getting to explore that which is outside the Atlanta perimeter. She pretty much sticks in Midtown, frequenting their Trader Joe’s, Souper Jenny and Metro Fresh.

Brittni is a recent fan of brussel sprouts, discovering just how good they can be when roasted. If she had to choose one food to live off of it would be Caesar Salad.

Other facts: Brittni is the youngest of 3, her worst job was working at Ikea, and she deleted her Facebook 4 years ago and hasn’t looked back-so don’t try to “friend” her or stalk her photos. Instead: follow Brittni’s blog at http://foodatl.wordpress.com/ and keep an eye out for her own exploration of Georgia’s local food system.

and that’s all I have to say about that, love