After working this market two summers ago, it was nice to revisit and get to actually enjoy it. The downtown historic area of Marietta is pretty adorable, with quaint restaurants, cafés, galleries and a small independent movie theater-reminds me of my old Ambler, PA, sigh.

Caught up with some old friends (Lauren from Big Daddy Biscuits) and those off-beat biscotti vendors (never remembered their names…), and then made some new ones. Bobby Brit of Besmaid Farms is one of those farmers that’s been farming his whole life. Born and raised in Decatur, he emphatically told me he was still building his “Field of Dreams!” I giggled and then, fell in love. with the veggies that is! Beautiful Bok Choy, Turnips, and Cilantro, my mouth, it watered. Who needs models when you can just photograph veggies? Easier to work with I’d say.

I also got to meet another fellow Food Warrior, Natalie. Teaming up to conquer the market together made it go a lot quicker and provided me the comfort to actually talk to vendors for longer. Every person I talk to gets excited for the site, even the man from Maddox Farms who just couldn’t believe there wasn’t a catch, exclaiming “nothing’s free!”  I assured him and explained how the Food Warrior interns basically beg to do the grunt work. It seemed convincing enough.  And then we talked about chicken shit.

A good day in Marietta.