Klaus Pichler looks at food: One Third

Klaus Pichler’s One Third photography series “describes the connection between individual wastage of food and globalized food production.”

From the artist:
Think of a random item of food. An orange, for example. This orange, cultivated on a plan- tation in South Africa, harvested and trans- ferred to Europe by plane and truck over a distance of 15.000 km, sold in a supermarket and finally, although still in good condition, discarded by the consumer. Fiction? Fact! Waste of food around the globe has increased to worrying dimensions: According to a study, commissioned by the UN and carried out in March 2011, one third of all food products go to waste worldwide.
The series of photographs ‘One Third‘ focuses on this particular percentage. It highlights the issue of food waste through photographs and reports, which are combined to offer an insight into this phenomenon, ranging from its geo- political background and cultural history to individual consumer behaviour.
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