Save an Acre of Farmland

Every minute, America loses more than an acre of farmland to urban sprawl and development. Farmland is the heart of our nation and we must protect it. Do your part and Save an Acre of Farmland today.

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Spread the No Farms No Food® message.

Request one of our free No Farms, No Food® bumper stickers and use it to educate others about the farmers who grow their food! Spread the word even further by ordering No Farms No Food® stickers and apparel in our online store.

Spreading the No Farms No Food message


Join American Farmland Trust’s Action Network

Use our Action Center to contact your legislators and local government and let them know that you support farmland protection and a more sustainable future for our nation’s farms and food.


Wisconsin State Capital

Know Your Farming Neighbors

Learn more about the specific challenges facing farms in your region and find out what you can do to help. Contact American
Farmland Trust’s Farmland Information Center toll free at (800) 370-4879 to find all the resources you need to help farmers stay on the land.

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Educate Your Community

Write a letter to the editors of your local paper about the importance of farm and ranch land to your community. 

Red Barn with Blue Sky

Help Us Stay Informed about Your Community

Clip and send us local coverage of farm issues. Share your success stories and make sure that we know about the challenges affecting your farming neighbors. Send clips and information to:

American Farmland Trust
1200 18th St. NW Suite 800,
Washington, DC. 20037

Row of Young Crops

Weigh in on Farming Issues

Be an active citizen and make your voice heard on farming issues in your area! Get involved in decisions made by your local zoning board or planning commission. Download our Farmland Protection Toolbox.pdf to get started.