Back in the 10th grade, I took this great US History class, great because I finally learned the map of the US and even more great because my teacher was on Jeopardy. For our final project, we had to choose an object older than 30 years to research and present some relative cohesive paper. I chose the hot dog, for no reason really, besides the fact it’s hilarious, and I do like my sausage. Despite getting to make weiner jokes and using as my #1 valid source, the project opened me up to the world of conscious consumerism, from Upton Sinclair’s Jungle to nutritional lists of highest-caloric fast-food offerings (Dairy Queen, at the time, taking the ranks with their Double Chili Cheese Dog). It’s amazing 1,) how far we’ve come, 2,) how history, though, is repeating itself, note current horsemeat scandals et al. and 3,)and how a seemingly random decision in life, like choosing to study a hot dog, can resurface so many years later and remind you of your passion’s foundation