Preparing Students for a Global Future

Jackson Elementary School is a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Magnet located in Altadena, CA and serving children in grades pre-kindergarten through fifth. We also offer a Spanish Dual Language option in addition to mainstream English classes. We feel the pride of our community and are inspired to offer the best programs we can to help our students “leap to success!”. We are committed to hands-on learning and integrating many disciplines. Our community garden provides our children with multiple avenues of inspiration, with reading tents, pie and pizza beds, and sunflower forts.

Our unique gardening program is made possible through the Garden School Foundation’s educational grant: “From Seed to Table.” The Garden School Foundation provides an instructor and curriculum incorporating lessons in many subjects, but in particular Life Science and Health. The program helps the school maintain our beautiful garden and uses it as an outdoor classroom where students learn important life and science skills through exploration, much like real researchers do. Children learn best by “doing,” and our garden program provides the guided activities in an environment designed for optimum learning.