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Global Growers Network is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that connects immigrant and American farmers living in Georgia to sustainable agriculture by growing good food, training farmers, and creating economic opportunities.

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Looking at CA's Drought Impacts

Will California’s Drought Bring About $7 Broccoli?
The end of cheap fruits and veggies draws nigh. See Mother Jones recent article here:

Dont play politics with our childrens health | TheHill.


“Politics should never trump sound policy, particularly when it comes to our kids.”

“The question of whether you can feed the world sustainably needs to be flipped around,” he replies. “The real question is whether you can feed it industrially. What we’re learning about climate change is raising real questions about how long that agricultural model can survive.”

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“At a folding table in a metal-clad produce packing shed beside a tomato field in southwestern Florida, two high-ranking executives from the giant retailer Walmart, which sells more groceries than any other company in the world, sat down beside two Mexican farmworkers and signed an agreement to join the Fair Food Program.” – See more at:

As a Philly native, I am always excited and beyond proud to hear about the incredible projects going on that-gasp- have nothing to do with the sports teams… Food Tank just listed “10 Exciting Urban Agriculture Projects in Philadelphia” today. Below are just three. For the full list, check out: . Because Philly’s city structure follows more of a European plan, small-scale slow-food can really thrive here. I cannot wait to visit these projects myself.

1. Emerald Street Urban Farm

Emerald Street Urban Farm was founded in 2009 on five vacant lots in Philadelphia’s East Kensington neighborhood. The community-run farm’s website offers an open invitation to visitors: “we love volunteers!” Be sure to attend one of the farm’s workshops on composting, nutrition, and food preservation!

2. Marathon Urban Farm

Based in a 15,000 square foot lot in North Philadelphia, Marathon Urban Farm supplies fresh organic produce to Marathon Restaurants, a local chain of restaurants offering sustainable food options to Philadelphians. Visitors can also purchase produce from the farm stand located onsite, or attend one of the program’s many workshops, demos, and lectures.

3. Walnut Hill Farm

Walnut Hill Farm is a combination urban farm and community garden, run by the Walnut Hill Grower’s Cooperative and serving its surrounding West Philadelphia neighborhood. Produce from the urban farm is grown by youth from the surrounding community and sold at the Clark Park farmers’ market. Volunteers days are hosted each May, and are open to all interested visitors.

From Marion Nestle’s Food Politics Blog:

in a hard copy of Politico (the online version doesn’t seem to carry the same ads), the December 11 issue carried two Monsanto ads, this one full page:Manhattan-20131216-00105-222x300

These two, I gleaned from the interwebs

monsanto-ad-207x300  ScreenShot20130626at10.54.30AM