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more from benoit jammes:
A ball of dough ist taken out of the fridge. It has to unfreeze before it gets cooked.
Year: 2012
Director: Emanuel Strixner
Production Company: Kitchen



just magical. See the rest on Warner’s site



Artist Hong Yi turns the plate into a canvas and food into her medium. The result: Pure collage brillance.  See more here

from the maker, Soyoung Hyun: “The film is about personal doubt- ‘where am I heading’. It presents my strong interest and exploration of ‘Life’. I tried to put my philosophical view of a life in my twenties.”

It is amazing how someone across the world can seemingly and seamlessly speak to you with the right words at the right time with as much honesty as, as a tomato.


Arabella Campbell
Gradation, 2011

Tsykalov looks at meat in its raw, torturous form

new favorite Russian artist Dimitri Tsykalov fuses symbols of violence and torture with the material of raw meat, creating confrontational, if not disturbing imagery. The tactility of the images are what impress me most, most literally and figuratively.

Looking at some crazy-looking boids

Gonzo artist Ralph Steadman teams up with filmmaker Ceri Levy to present an imaginative display of 110 extinct bird illustrations. That is, some birds who actually lived on this planet, while many of them only exist in dreamworlds. Grist reporter Greg Hanscorn puts it elegantly: “Think John James Audubon on a lot of acid.” But of course, the creative exploration does lead to serious questions regarding the environment about us, what we’ve done to it, and who else may be living on it besides us, thus garnering a certain holistic ecocentric mindset necessary for the future of a green planet.