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from the real food media contest

Vote to give youth jobs gardening in Camden!

The Center for Environmental Transformation, my FoodCorps service site in Camden, NJ, is up to receive a 10,000 grant from Opal Apple. Pretty much ALL of the eligible organizations are awesome, but hey, someone’s got to win.

Where will the dollars go?
Eco Interns-a youth development and job training program centered around gardening, cooking, food justice, and entrepreneurship. Interns work part-time for minimum wage at the Center to run the gardens, market, and our new value-added product line.

Voting closes April 29, so do us a flavor and make this happen for Camden youth! (you can vote each day, and more than once using separate internet browsers)

How-to: Local Tato Salad from l.e.ladov on Vimeo.


Published in The Atlantic last week:

“Thirty years ago, the average household spent about 17% of its income on food. Today it spends about 11%. It’s a global trend: Food is getting cheaper relative to incomes everywhere with rising incomes. But there’s also a distinctly American thing going on here. We spend less of our cash on food than any other country — “half as much as households in France,” according to¬†

In fact, if you consider “cheap eats at home” the most important measure of social welfare, the United States is the greatest country on earth. Eating at home takes much less from our budget than other countries.”

Erik Shirai of Cebu Osani created several stop-motion videos artfully describing the cooking process of delectable dishes. This one’s for soba !