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As a youngster, I collected “got milk?” ads. They really did make milk cool, sexy, and fun. After ripping these advertisements out from my parents’ magazines (mostly from my father’s Sports Illustrated), I’d scotch-tape them around the border of my room. Surrounding myself with tiny white-painted mustaches resting on top of airbrushed lips.

How-to: Local Tato Salad from l.e.ladov on Vimeo.

Turnip love

These turnips, of the Brassicaceae family, were sweet and spicy delicate bulbs I bought from Isa at the Grant Park Farmers Market. Isa works with Chris under the name Crack in the Sidewalk, growing and foraging some beautiful stuffs. With the bulbs, I made turnip chips, by simply slicing the root thinly and tossing with oil and spices before roasting in the oven. With the green tops however, I intended to make a pesto with hazelnuts, but instead, decided to add them to a massive pot of slow-cooked greens I was simmering. In the dutch oven, I sizzled some garlic, mustard seeds, and red pepper flakes in oil before adding the mass of greens. Once the greens cooked down a bit, I poured a good amount of homemade veggie broth that I found in my freezer earlier that day, and let the mix stew for about an hour. Slowly converting myself to true Southerner one dish at a time.